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Standard Optics
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Ready-made optics from the catalog: Optical windows (plane-parallel plates) made of optical crystals ( (CaF2, ZnSe, ZnS, BaF2, sapphire)
Optical Crystals
(Optics from crystals)
Optical windows (plane-parallel plates), lenses, prisms, wedges, and blanks from optical crystals for visible, IR, UV, and VUV spectral ranges ZnSe, ZnS, sapphire (leucosapphire), CaF2, BaF2, LiF, Si, MgF2, Ge (GMO), KBr, and crystalline quartz. (см. Quartz)
Quartz Glass
(Optics from quartz glass)
Optical windows (plane-parallel plates), Brewster windows, mirrors (flat, convex, and concave), prisms, lenses, wedges, blanks, , optical non-fiber light guides, and splitters from quartz glass brands KU-1 FS UV, КВ FS Vis, KI FS IR and KS-4V KS-4V for UV, visible, and IR spectral ranges.
Optical Glass
(Optics from colorless optical glass)
Optical windows (plane-parallel plates), prisms, lenses, wedges, mirrors (flat, concave, and convex), optical non-fiber light guides, and blanks from various brands of colorless optical glass: K8 BK7, K108 (BK7), LK3, LK5, LK105, ЛLK7, TF4, TF10, TBF10 SF4, SF8, SF10, Pyrex, A151
Colored Glass
(Color glass filters)
Filters from various brands of color glass.
Glass type Glass brand
Dark UV glasses UVG1, UVG2, UVG5, UVG8
Violet glass VG6
Blue glass BG2, BG4, BG5, BG6, BG15
Blue-green glass BGG5, BGG20, BGG21, BGG22, BGG23
Green glass GG8, GG11
Yellow-green glass YGG6
Yellow glass YG3, YG12, YG16, YG18, YG19
Orange glass OG5, OG11, OG12, OG13, OG14
Red glass RG10, RG11, RG13, RG14, RG17, RG19
Infrared glasses IRG1, IRG3, IRG4, IRG6, IRG7
Purple glass PG7, PG8, PG13
Neutral glass NG1, NG2, NG3, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10, NG11, NG12, NG13
Standard Sets of Color Glass Filters Sizes (40x40 mm and 80x80 mm) Spectral transmission characteristics of color glass samples.    
Neutral Glass Filter Sets Sizes (40x40 mm and 80x80 mm).    
Laser Active Elements from doped glass and crystals Active elements with transmissive coating.
Optical Products from Magneto-Optical Glass Optical windows (plane-parallel plates) and rods.
Diffraction Gratings