Non-contact optical profile meter «NanoScan-01» can be used in the field of measuring surface roughness parameters on coated and uncoated optics, and other polished and specular surfaces with angstrom level repeatability and precision.

Non-contact optical profile meter - microinterferometer "NanoScan-01" is made according to the Linnik's scheme. With the use of a Linnik configuration, the device provides superior lateral resolution over a larger field of view with greater working distance and surface measurement fidelity.

«NanoScan-01» optical surface roughness profile meter utilizes the Dynamic Interferometry method with phase shifting data acquisition analyses and a high-speed optical sensor. Includes special software and provides extensive 2D and 3D analysis options, data filtering, masking and import/export functions. «NanoScan-01» can be easily positioned on large parts by mounted on a robotic arm to have possibility to measure surface parameters anywhere on large-sized products inside stations and polishing equipment multiple parts arrayed on a table directly on large optics and mirror segments.

Field of view, mm
Roughness measurement range: Rmax, Rz, Ra, Rq, Sz, Sa, Sq, nm
0,1 - 200,0
Probe radiation wavelength, nm
Determined roughness parameters:
- by profile
- by surface
Algorithm for decoding interferograms
phase shifting method (Dynamic interferometry)
Image dimension, pixel, not less than
The number of input gradations of brightness, bit, not less than
Measurement and processing time, no more than, sec
Number of steps for the reconstruction of interferograms by the phase step method, not less than
Operating system
Windows 8 or 10
Included in the package
Non-contact optical profiler with built-in video camera, illuminator and phase shifter
1 pc
Personal computer (laptop)
1 pc
Special software for analysis of measurement results
1 pc

To study large-sized optical products, the microinterferometer may be equipped with a CNC portal, which can move the microinterferometer in three spatial directions - in horizontal X, Y and vertical Z (accuracy of movement along the axes 0.01 mm). -Optional, not included in the basic package