The company Crystaltechno LLC

The company Crystaltechno LLC occupies one of the leading positions among manufacturers of optical components and optical crystal growers for the visible and IR spectral range.

Crystaltechno LLC is one of the leading manufacturer in the Russian market producing of CVD-ZnSe crystals (zinc selenide), sapphire (Al2O3), CVD-ZnS (zinc sulfide), MgF2 (magnesium fluoride), LiF (lithium fluoride), CaF2 (calcium fluoride ), BaF2 (barium fluoride)

ZnS (Zinc Sulfide)

Crystaltechno LLC provides both multispectral (visible through 3-5µm and 8-12µm IR ranges) Zinc Sulfide and regular IR grade Zinc Sulfide lenses and blanks. IR Zinc Sulfide lenses display a high level of index of refraction homogeneity and offers imaging uniformity across the 8-12µm waveband. Due to its excellent transmission in the visible thru infrared wavebands, a multispectral (MS) ZnS lens is the ideal choice for systems utilizing various sensors such as visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR or LWIR.

ZnSe (Zinc Selenide)

Crystaltechno LLC is supplying the highest quality Zinc Selenide lens blanks and finished optics to satisfied customers domestically and internationally. Zinc selenide products are widely used in laser systems and IR thermal imaging systems.

Sitall CO-115M

Sitall can be prodused in different forms: flat, round, rectangular plates, etc. with maximum dimensions up to 3000mm.

SITALL СО-115М is a crystalline glass ceramic material with ultra low Coefficient of thermal expansion.

SITALL СО-115М is an ideal material to be used for manufacturing of astronomical telescopes mirrors and other optical parts.

Thermal stability of SITALL СО-115М material enables the fabrication of high precision mirrors within quicker time of treatment process since testing measurements are able to be conducted not waiting until thermal equilibrium is achieved.