K008S Camera

Camera with full control from PC, designed to record and measure spatial-temporal parameters of high speed phenomena in single-frame and linear sweep modes with a maximum temporal resolution of ~ 50 ps.

Small-sized camera with linear sweep and single-frame modes with full control from PC

Fields of application:

Main components of the camera:


Software allows to obtain visual and digital information about the registered process. Multi-window mode allows to work with multiple images. Images are saved in files, which, in addition to the image, can also contain metadata with information about the shooting conditions, as well as text comments.

Software Features:

Images can be exported to a standard 12-bit TIFF format for further processing in third-party software.

Operating conditions:

Main Specifications

Interferometer Image Interferometer Image

Complete set

Interferometer Image Interferometer Image

Available camera options:

  1. К008-S/1 – Camera with CU-1 control unit. Nanosecond sweep ranges.
  2. К008-S/2 – Camera with CU-2 control unit. Microsecond sweep ranges.
  3. К008-S/3 – Camera with CU-3 control unit. Millisecond sweep ranges.
  4. К008-S/1/2 – Camera with CU-1 and CU-2 control units. Nano- and microsecond sweep ranges.
  5. К008-S/1/2/3 – Camera with CU-1 and CU-2/3 control units. Nano-, micro- and millisecond sweep ranges. CU-2/3 control unit combines functions of both CU-2 and CU-3.