One of the largest private optical companies in Russia

More than 700 types of equipment and instrumentation

The company employs more than 270 people

Has been certified for compliance with ISO 9001-2011





  • Stand for testing optics (off-axis aspherical lens and etc)


  • Сoating equipment JKYOptics400R
  • Interferometer PIK-PAS
  • NanoScan-01

Our Company

The manufacturing company CRYSTALTECHNO Ltd. manufactures both standard products according to the catalog and optical components to order for a wide range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns, from various optical crystals and glasses, with and without coatings, for laser, medical, aviation and special technology.

These are infrared optics, optics of the visible and ultraviolet range: windows, plates, optical fairings (hoods), light filters, lenses, prisms, wedges, mirrors, optics for lasers, made from various optical materials, including crystals grown on their own growth plants.

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The company manufactures the following optical products according to the catalog and customer drawings: optical blanks, windows, light guides, colored glass filters, lenses, prisms, fairings (hoods), mirrors, optics for high-power CO2 lasers and sheet-cutting laser machines, ATR (ATR) elements , laser rods, non-standard optical products, products with optical coatings and metal optics.

Crystaltechno LLC is one of the leaders in the Russian market for the production of CVD-ZnSe crystals (zinc selenide), sapphire (Al2O3), CVD-ZnS (zinc sulfide), MgF2 (magnesium fluoride), LiF (lithium fluoride), CaF2 (calcium fluoride ), BaF2 (barium fluoride) and charge. In addition, the enterprise is actively developing the direction - the growth of laser crystals.

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