ZnSe Output Coupler (ZnSe Output Mirrors, ZnSe Partial Reflectors)

MATERIAL - ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) CVD

Crystaltechno Ltd. makes output couplers (output mirrors, partial reflectors) for CO2 lasers from ZnSe CVD and GaAs crystal. The most part is ZnSe partial reflectors with different reflectance at 10.6microns from 40% up to 90% with reflectivity tolerance +/- 2%. There is antireflection (AR) coating at the another side of output coupler (output mirror of CO2 resonator). Plano-plane, plano-concave, concave-convex forms are available, it depends on customer's requirement. High damage threshold 1MW/cm2 at 10.6microns for 200ns pulse or 2 kW/cm2 CW is available.

Perhaps you will find the required ZnSe (CVD Zinc Selenide) optics at our stock, please see item Optical Crystals.
PARAMETER of ZnSe Output Coupler VALUE
  Surface figure   Lambda/2 per inch at 633nm  
  Diameter tolerance   +/- 0.1 mm  
  Scratch - dig   60 - 40  
  Reflectivity   R = (40-90)%, tolerance +/- 2% at 10.6 micron  
  Another surface   AR (antireflection) at 10.6 microns with R < 0.3%  
  Damage threshold   1 MW/cm2 for 200 ns pulse or 2 kW/cm2 CW  

Surface Size, mm Part Number
  Plano-Plano   Ø 25 x 4   LOMPP17-10  
  Plano-Concave   Ø 50 x 6   LOMPCC17-10  

We produce output couplers and other resonator mirrors from CVD grown ZnSe laser grade material.

Basic characteristics of CVD Zinc Selenide laser grade material: index of absorption 0.0005 (1/cm) at 10.6 microns, grain size (50-70 ) microns, spectral transparency in the range (0.5 -20 )microns.

You can see spectral transmittance of ZnSe uncoated polished windows (thickness 10 mm).

Please contact us for ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) optical components pricing.

Perhaps you will find the required CVD ZnSe optics at our stock, please see item Optical Crystals.



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