Nd : YLF Laser Rods

YLF is the abbreviation for yttrium lithium fluoride (YLiF4). The term YLF laser is usually used for lasers based on neodymium-doped YLF (Nd3+:YLF) crystals, although there are other rare-earth doped YLF crystals, e.g. with ytterbium (Yb), erbium (Er), thulium (Tm), holmium (Ho) or praseodymium (Pr) doping. Due to the similar size, yttrium ions can be replaced with laser-active rare earth ions without strongly affecting the lattice structure. Usually there is Nd3+: concentration up to 1% by weight in (Nd:YLF) crystal.

YLF is birefringent, which eliminates thermally induced depolarization loss. The gain and the emission wavelength of Nd:YLF are polarization dependent: there is the stronger 1047nm line for π polarization, and a weaker one at 1053nm for σ polarization. The 1053 nm line well fits to the gain peak of Nd:glass, so Nd:YLF lasers are usually used as Nd:YLF laser-generator and preamplifier for the subsequent Nd:glass amplifiers.

YLF crystal structure - tetragonal, crystallographic axes (a = b = c) are orthogonal; a = 5.26 Angstrom, c = 10.94 Angstrom.

We offer two kinds of Nd:YLF laser rods: which is grown along a-axis (for wavelength 1047nm, π polarization) or along c-axis (for wavelength 1053nm, σ polarization).

  Wavelength   1047nm, 1053 nm  
  Orientation   along a-axis, π polarization or along c-axis, σ polarization  
  Nd concentration by weight   0.8% (up to 1.0% upon request)  
  Flatness of plane surface, (Lambda =0.63 micron)   Lambda/10 per dia. 25.4mm  
  Parallelism   20''  
  Perpendicularity   10'  
  Scratch - dig   10 - 5  
  Homogeneity of refractive index   +/- 2 x 10-6  
  Reflectivity of AR coatings   0.25%  
  Damage threshold of AR coatings   up to 1.5 GW/cm2  

Dimension, mm
Diameter x Length
Part number
For σ polarization
Part number
For π polarization
  3.0 x 50.0   LRYS-03   LRYP-03  
  4.0 x 65.0   LRYS-04   LRYP-04  
  4.0 x 90.0   LRYS-04-01   LRYP-04-01  
  5.0 x 80.0   LRYS-05   LRYP-05  
  6.0 x 90.0   LRYS-06   LRYP-06  
  6.3 x 105.0   LRYS-063   LRYP-063  
  7.0 x 100.0   LRYS-07   LRYP-07  
  8.0 x 100.0   LRYS-08   LRYP-08  
  10.0 x 100.0   LRYS-10   LRYP-10  
  12.0 x 100.0   LRYS-12   LRYP-12  


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Nd : YLF Laser Rods
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