Optical non-fiber lightguides

Crystaltechno LTD makes optical light guides from different types of optical materials in the shape of parallelepipeds or truncated pyramides (Lightguide with wedge) with all sides polished.

These non-fiber optical light guides are used in different field of medicine and cosmetology. The input/output surfaces could be AR coated* according the customer needs. Standard light guides are made from BK7 and Fused Silica, but it's also possible to order from Sapphire.

Parameter Value
  Scratch-Dig   80-50  
  Parallelity   5' (angle minutes)  
  Dimensions tolerance   ± 0,1 mm  
  Bevels   0,2-0,3 mm x 45°  
  Clear Aperture   90 %  

* For flats will be coated S&D 60-40 and flatness up to lambda/2


Crystaltechno LTD makes optical light guides from the list of optical materials below:

Fused Silica)
Sapphire (Al2O3)
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