Wedged windows or Wedges

Materials: CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Ge, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, Si, Fused Silica, BK7, Quartz

Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures optical wedged windows (wedges) from different types of optical crystals, glasses and Fused Silica.

Standard wedges are made from optical crystals CVD- ZnSe (Zinc Selenide)*, CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2 (Barium Fluoride), MgF2 (Magnesium Fluoride), Si (silicon), Ge (germanium), but it's also possible to order from glass BK7 and Fused Silica.

Plane wedged windows (wedges) are used as transfer beam splitting or beam deviation optics. For example, ZnSe wedge is applied for intensity attenuation of high power CO2 laser. The laser beam power, reflected by ZnSe wedge, is not so high and hence can be measured by standard devices.

Perhaps you will find the required wedges from ZnSe, ZnS and other optical materials at our stock; please see item Optical Crystals and other products too.

  Surface form tolerances - Flatness   Lambda/2 at 633 nm per inch  
  Surface form tolerances - Irregularity   Lambda/2 at 633 nm  
  Scratch-Dig   40-20 (Fused Silica, Quartz, BK7)
60-40 (CVD- ZnSe*, CVD-ZnS, CaF2, BaF2, Si, Ge, MgF2)
  Wedge angle tolerance   +/- 3 angular minutes (by special inquiry to +/- 10 angular seconds)  
  Diameter tolerance   +/- 0,2 mm  
  Thickness tolerance   +/- 0,1 mm  
  Bevels   (0.2-0.5) mm x 45 degrees  
  Clear aperture   90% (80%, if detail size less 20 mm)  

For thin wedged windows
Surface form tolerance - without requirements, if ratio of minimal wedge Thickness (T) to Diameter (D) less 1/10.

* - We produce optical wedges (wedged windows) from CVD grown ZnSe laser grade material and other optical crystals.

Basic characteristics of CVD Zinc Selenide laser grade material: spectral transparency in range (0.5 -20) microns, grain size ( 50-70) microns, index of absorption 0.0005 ( 1/cm) at 10.6 microns. ZnSe optical wedges dimensions - (3 - 100) mm, thickness 20mm.

You can see spectral transmittance of ZnSe uncoated polished windows (thickness 10 mm).

We offer two sides antireflection (AR/AR) coating for ZnSe wedges both for one wavelength (10.6 microns or another) and for the IR spectral range (3 - 12) microns. Spectral transmission of AR/AR coated Zinc Selenide window - up to 99%.

Please contact us for optics pricing.

Crystaltechno Ltd. proposes the best ratio of price/quality for optical components.

Perhaps you will find the required optics from ZnSe and other optical materials at our stock, please see item Optical Crystals and other products.


Crystaltechno LTD makes optical wedged windows(wedges) from the list of optical materials below

Fused Silica

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