Spherical Biconcave Lenses

Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures spherical biconcave lenses from CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2 (Barium Fluoride), LiF, Ge, Si, MgF2, glass and fused silica.

Spherical biconcave lenses are the negative lenses and widely used as optical systems components.

Perhaps you will find the required spherical lenses and other optics at our stock: namely for optics from crystals please see item "Optical Crystals", for optics from glass – item "Glass" and for optics from fused silica - item "Fused Silica".
  Surface form tolerances - Irregularity   Lambda/4 (fused silica, glass BK7)
Lambda/2 (CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Si (Silicon), Ge (Germanium), CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF)
  Scratch-Dig   40-20 (fused silica, glass BK7)
60-40 (CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Si (Silicon), Ge (Germanium), CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, LiF)
  Diameter tolerance   +/- 0.1 mm  
  Paraxial Focal Length Tolerance   +/- 2%  
  Centration   less than 5 arc minutes  
  Clear aperture   90 % (80 %, if detail size less 20 mm)  
  Bevels   (0.2-0.5) mm x 45 degrees  

For thin biconcave lenses
Surface form tolerance - without requirements, if ratio of central thickness (tc) to Diameter (D) less 1/10


Crystaltechno LTD makes spherical biconcave lenses from the list of optical materials below:

ZnSe (Zinc Selenide)
ZnS (Zinc Sulphide)
Si (Silicon)
Ge (Germanium)
CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride)
BaF2 (Barium Fluoride)
MgF2 (Magnesium Fluoride)
LiF (Lithium Fluoride)
glass BK7
Fused Silica

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