Sapphire shaped items

MATERIAL - Al2O3 (Sapphire)

Crystaltechno LTD makes Sapphire shaped items.

Sapphire shaped crystals (i.e. sapphire rods and tubes) are grown by Stepanov's method- by melting mass cooling to form tools. So far this items have at the moment the shape needed
Due to this the treatment of the hard item is here quick and cheap., That's why the Saphire rods and tubes have so wide application field.

  Scratch-Dig   50 - 80  
  Wedge   Less than 5'  
  Dimension tolerance   ± 0,15 mm  
  Sharp edges   rounded  

Possible dimensions to supply:
  • Sapphire rods Ø 2-20 mm, length 150-300 mm,

  • Rectangular rod the same sizes,

  • Sapphire band ( 10-80mm width, 1-4mm thick, length 150-300 mm)

  • Sapphire tubes Ø 3-30 mm, wall thickness 1-8 mm, 150-300mm length, also one/two ends sealed.

  • Another shaped according customer needs and specs.

Component items ready to construct or treatment:
Sapphire Thermocouple boots Sapphire rods "as grown"
  Sapphire tube one end sealed:

Diameter: Ø int- 5mm/Ø ext - 8mm

Length - 300-400mm
  Transparent surface without roughness demands

Diameter Ø 4.5(-0.2)mm

Length 35.0(+5)mm




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