Optatec – 2022

15th International trade fair for optical technologies, components and systems

Exhibition Center, Frankfurt / Main, Germany
17 – 19 May 2022

Hall 3.1 Booth 316



Crystaltechno Ltd is a manufacturer of crystals and optical components since 1993. Our products are used in industry, research and development for laser and medical technics, aviation and special equipment in wide spectral range (UV - visible - IR - far IR).
The company manufactures both standard catalog products and custom optical components for a wide range of wavelengths from 193 nm to 50 microns, from different kind of optical crystals, glass and fused silica, with or without coatings. The main direction - crystals grown in own growth equipment and optical components from them; infrared IR optics and also optics of visible and ultraviolet range: windows, plates, optical polished domes, lenses, prisms (RAP, ATR prisms and other), wedges, filters, mirrors, lightguides, laser optics and blanks, all made from different optical materials.
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno successfully grows in-home optical crystals: zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe), sapphire Al2O3, optical silicon Si, zinc sulfide (CVD-ZnS), calcium fluoride CaF2, barium fluoride BaF2, magnesium fluoride MgF2 and lithium fluoride LiF, that's all - in the form of plates (for windows, prisms, lenses etc), also in the form of domes blanks (hemisphere and hyper hemisphere), especially from CVD-ZnSe, sapphire Al2O3 and CVD-ZnS. And bilateral polishing and broadband antireflection coatings of sapphire, CVD-ZnSe and CVD-ZnS domes are available too.
Besides, Crystaltechno Ltd offers serial production of spherical lenses from glass and crystals using CNC machines Optotech.

Our Complete In-house Design and Manufacturing facilities specialize in meeting your requirements with Quality products. We are the best choice for custom designed crystal optics and optical components fabrication matching your exact specifications. Our products can be especially valuable for R&D Scientists or Engineers and for Opto-Electronic Equipment Manufacturers.

Crystaltechno Ltd would like to offer you a great choice of different optical products. We're dealing with a wide range of optical materials and coatings.
- Our manufacturing capabilities extend from custom parts design and prototype fabrication to large-scale production.

Crystaltechno Ltd manufactures optics from all typical optical materials covering the spectrum range from UV to Far Infrared.
- These materials include but not limited II-IV compounds (Zinc Zelenide CVD-ZnSe and Zinc Sulphide CVD-ZnS), Oxide Crystals, Thallium Halides (KRS-5, KRS-6), Fluorides (CaF2, BaF2, LiF, MgF2), Semiconductors and Alkali Halides, and all types of Non-colored and Colored Glass.

We are constantly expanding the variety of used optical materials with new and unique ones, so that we can meet any of your exotic requests.

Optical Materials
Optical Crystals
Zinc compounds: ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), ZnS (Zinc Sulphide)
Sapphire (Al2O3)
Thallium Halides: KRS-5, KRS-6 (KRS - “Kristall aus dem Schmelzfluß” - crystal from the melt)
Fluorides: CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2 (Barium Fluoride), MgF2 (Magnesium Fluoride), LiF (Lithium Fluoride)
Semiconductors: Ge, Si, GaAs
Crystal Quartz (SiO2)
Alkali Halides: NaCl, KCl, KBr
Laser rod crystals: Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, Er:YAG

Crystaltechno Ltd grows CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Sapphire Al2O3, CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2 (Barium Fluoride), MgF2 (Magnesium Fluoride), LiF (Lithium Fluoride) and KRS-5. We make optics from wide range of optical crystals from VUV to far IR: CaF2, BaF2, LiF, MgF2, Sapphire, CVD ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Si, Ge and KRS-5.
Glass and Metals
BK7 and other standard and special optical glass
Coloured glass
Pyrex and Zerodur
Lased rods from doped glass: Nd: phosphate glass, Cr-Yb-Er: phosphate glass, Yb-Er: phosphate glass
Fused silica for all spectral regions from UV to IR
Optical metals and alloys: copper, invar, molibdenium, Al-alloys

Optical components uncoated and coated in-house
Blanks (plates, disks, sheets, slabs)
Plane parallel windows (plates)
Domes (hemispheres, hyper hemispheres)
Wedged windows (wedges)
Lenses: spherical and cylindrical, convex, concave and meniscus
ATR elements (prisms and hemispheres)
Optical filters
CO2 optics
Microlenses (balls, hemispheres, hyper hemispheres)
Axial and Off-Axial Aspherical Mirrors for Astronomical and Space Optical Devices
Aspherical optics
Lasers and Laser systems

Nd:YAG laser heads
Laser special systems per customer request







26 November 2020
Crystaltechno Ltd. produces aspherical optics for IR systems from materials Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, Si and metals using diamond micro-turning technology. At the customer' request, it is possible to apply a protective diamond-like carbon coating with broadband antireflection (DLC-BBAR) for the wavelength ranges of 3-5 or 8-12 microns, as well as a similar coating without antireflection (DLC). Orders are accepted for both small batches and serial production of aspherical optics.

15 August 2020
The production company Crystaltechno accepts orders (from trial batches to serial production) of diffuse ceramic reflectors for solid-state laser systems with lamp or diode pumping, as well as with air or liquid cooling. The material of the products is durable wear-resistant high-temperature Al2O3 ceramics with low electrical conductivity. The scattering working surface of the ceramic reflector has a high reflectivity in the spectral range of pump radiation (reflectance 98% at Lambda > 670 nm).

20 May 2020
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd accepts orders, including small-scale, for the production of spherical microoptics on OptoTech CNC machines. Microlenses of different configurations with diameter from 2 mm to 30 mm are made from optical crystals (ZnSe, ZnS, Si, Ge, CaF2, MgF2 and BaF2), fused silica and optical colorless glass from Russian manufacturers, as well as companies OHARA, SCHOTT and CDGM, in more detail.

16 March 2020
The company has developed the technological process for large-sized sapphire optics polishing with size up to (460x380x16) mm. Manufactured plane-parallel sapphire plates (windows) have the following parameters: surface quality S/D 80-50, Flatness - Lambda at 633 nm, Irregularity - 3/5 Lambda at 633 nm (per diam. 200 mm), wedge 3 seconds.

24 January 2020
Crystaltechno Ltd. would like to invite you to visit Booth FE095 (Pavilion “Forum”) at the exhibition “PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS - 2020”, Moscow, 31 March - 3 April, 2020. Sapphire fairings (domes), the grown in-house polycrystalline zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe (laser grade) and optics from optical crystals (silicon, CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS FLIR, MgF2, CaF2 and sapphire) will be presented at the booth. Besides, you'll see the optical components from fused silica and glass, high precision optics (prisms) and large size aspherical optics (up to 1 m) from glass, fused silica and glass-ceramics Sitall.

18 June 2019
New optical products from fused silica, the colored optical glass and crystals of CVD-ZnSe (zinc selenide) and BaF2 (barium fluoride) are in the updated stock of ready optics. Besides we offer colorless glass optics and optics from crystals (optical sapphire, zinc selenide, silicon Si, CaF2, MgF2, Ge (GMO), LiF, KBr and crystal quartz). Delivery time - 1 week.

17 April 2019
The company Crystaltechno Ltd has developed the polishing technology of large-diameter optical sapphire hemispheres. Optical sapphire fairings (domes) of diameter 360 mm are manufactured according to the following specification: hemispherical fairing, material - optical sapphire (orientation of the crystal axis C), fairing diameter 360 mm, wall thickness 8-10 mm, surface quality S/D 80-50, Irregularity - Lambda/4 at 633 nm.

26 February 2019
Crystaltechno Ltd. would like to invite you to visit Booth 74C30 (Pavilion 7, Hall 4) at the exhibition «PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS - 2019», Moscow, 4 - 7 March, 2019. Sapphire fairings- domes, polycrystalline zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe (laser grade) grown in-house and optics from crystals (MgF2, CaF2, silicon, CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS FLIR and sapphire) will be presented at the booth.

23 November 2018
The optical polishing technology of fairings-domes from CVD-ZnSe zinc selenide and CVD-ZnS zinc sulfide is debugged at the production shop of Crystaltechno Ltd. in Ryazan. The CVD-ZnS, CVD-ZnSe and silicon domes-fairings (diameter of 30 mm to 150 mm) are manufactured on the CNC-Controlled Polishing Machine OptoTech SPO 130. Production is according to the customer's specification (Irregularity - up to Lambda/10 at 633 nm).

10 September 2018
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers the ready optics (at own stock) made from optical crystals (CVD-ZnSe, optical sapphire, MgF2, CaF2, BaF2, LiF, Si, Ge (GMO), KBr and crystal quartz) and also optics from fused silica, colored glass and colorless glass. Delivery time of the ready optics from a warehouse - 1 week..

22 June 2018
Grown in-house CVD-ZnSe (laser grade) polycrystalline material of size up to 500 x 500 mm x 35 mm thickness and CVD-ZnS (multispectral grade and FLIR grade) material, all this you′ll find at our booths 8L20 and 8L21 at the exhibition COIE - 2018 (September 5 - 8, 2018), Shenzhen, China..

15 March 2018
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno offers a serial production of spherical lenses with a diameter from 30 mm to 150 mm on CNC machines Optotech (SM 130, SM 150 and SPO 130). Processed materials: fused silica, optical glass BK7 and optical crystals (zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe, zinc sulphide CVD-ZnS, calcium fluoride CaF2, silicon Si, germanium Ge, barium fluoride BaF2 and magnesium fluoride MgF2). Manufacture in accordance with the customer's specification. The minimum order quantity is 50 pcs. The average monthly output is 200 pcs..

16 February 2018
Crystaltechno Ltd. would like to invite you to visit Booth 73C30, at the exhibition "PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS AND OPTICS - 2018", Moscow, 27 February - 2 March, 2018. The grown in-house optical crystals (polycrystalline CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS, CaF2, monocrystalline silicon Si and MgF2), sapphire domes - fairings, optics from crystals (zinc selenide, silicon, sapphire, zinc sulfide CVD-ZnS FLIR, MgF2 and CaF2), fused silica and glass will be presented at the booth.

24 January 2018
The production company Crystaltechno has serially started the growth and processing of laser grade polycrystalline zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe), the size more than (500x500) mm and a thickness more than 30 mm.

15 January 2018
The Crystaltechno manufactures the high accuracy products from various metals and alloys, and also produces the optical lens components (made of glass, fused silica and crystals), precision lens assemblies and optical-mechanical units. That all are made in accordance with the customer's technical design assignment or the customer's engineering design documentation. .

18 December 2017
The company's optical subdivision modernizes its equipment (grinding-polishing machine-tools and polishing-finishing machine-tools, as well as CNC machines) for the purpose of visualizing the checking results of the manufactured optical components parameters. .

30 November 2017
The machine park of the production company Crystaltechno was supplemented with the equipment manufactured by OptoTech, which makes it possible to obtain a centration parameter of spherical lenses from glass, fused silica and crystals to 0.005 mm. .

16 October 2017
The optical polishing technology of hemispherical sapphire fairings-domes is debugged, sapphire domes diameter - 300 mm. The achieved specification of polished domes is the following. The surface form tolerance at 100 mm check diameter: total - Lambda/2 at 633 nm, irregularity - Lambda/6 at 633 nm; domes thickness tolerance - 0,01 mm .

29 September 2017
The newest manufacture technology of polished prisms from grown in-house the polycrystalline zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe was introduced at the company Crystaltechno. The achieved prisms optical parameters: surface form tolerances - flatness Lambda/4 at 633 nm and irregularity Lambda/10 at 633 nm, the prism angles tolerance +/- 6 arc seconds, Scratch-Dig 60-40. We offer the manufacture of complex-form prisms for the infrared IR spectral range from zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe and zinc sulphide CVD-ZnS, and also the manufacture of rectangular prisms and ATR prisms (prisms Dove) from CVD-ZnSe and CVD-ZnS. The sizes of the prisms from 10 mm to 130 mm. .

14 September 2017
Crystaltechno manufactures diamond tools in small batches for CNC machines OptoTech, SCHNEIDER and others .

14 June 2017
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd. invites to visit booth 265 Hall B1 at Laser World of Photonics 2017 (Munich) exhibition and to get acquainted with optics from crystals: zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe, zinc sulphide (ZnS FLIR or ZnS ClearGrade) and sapphire, as well as the precision optics made from glass and IR crystals. .

30 March 2017
The production company Crystaltechno Ltd. grows monocrystalline magnesium fluoride MgF2 for UV, visible and IR spectral range and manufactures MgF2 optical windows, lenses, prisms and phase plates for spectroscopy and quantum technic. Maximum dimensions of MgF2 optics: diameter 90 mm, thickness 30 mm. .

24 Match 2017
The company Crystaltechno Ltd. presented at "Laser World of Photonics China 2017" (Shanghai) exhibition the products of own growth manufacturing - blanks of crystalline materials of zinc sulphide CVD-ZnS, zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe and sapphire, as well as made of them (CVD-ZnS, CVD-ZnSe and sapphire) optics for the infrared IR range. The presented products were in invariable demand. .

02 September 2016
Grown in-house CVD-ZnSe (laser grade) polycrystalline material of size up to 220mm dia x 45mm thickness and CVD-ZnS (FLIR grade) polished domes, all this you will find at our booth 8L41 at the exhibition COIE - 2016, Shenzhen, China.. .

24 June 2016
Now new interferometer OWI 100 ECO (OptoTech) is used in our optical shop of precision optics. The device provides the non-contact surface test of shape error with an accuracy of Lambda/20 at 633 nm. .

15 June 2016
The technology of IR lenses production for the range of 3-5 microns according to customer's specification is debugged. Optical lens components are made from ZnSe (zinc selenide), Ge (germanium), CaF2 (calcium fluoride) and Si (silicon) with surface figure (irregularity) Lambda/10 at 633 nm. .

14 June 2016
Crystaltechno Ltd. presented its products at the international OPTATEC - 2016 exhibition. Sapphire domes, plane-parallel plates (windows) from silicon (Si), sapphire (Al2O3) and zinc selenide CVD-ZnSe, and also lenses from CVD-ZnSe and silicon caused interest among the companies′ representatives from different countries. .

14 April 2016
Crystaltechno Ltd. has installed new equipment — Climatic Test Camera for checking of a ready covered optics (windows, plates, lenses, mirrors and domes (hemispheres and hyper hemispheres) from sapphire, CVD zinc sulfide, CVD zinc selenide, Si silicon, Ge, fused silica and glass). Complex tests of optics are carrying out at temperatures from - 60 °C up to +150 °C, and also in the conditions of adjustable relative humidity from natural up to 98% in the temperature range (20 - 50) °C. .

21 March 2016
The infrared optics made from optical crystal materials grown in-house: sapphire, zinc selenide ZnSe and zinc sulfide ZnS was presented at our booth at the exhibition Laser World of Photonics China 2016 (Shanghai). .

07 December 2015
Optical components made by Crystaltechno Ltd caused a great interest at the Optics-2015 exhibition Moscow, it CVD-ZnSe windows, sapphire plates (windows), optical polished domes from sapphire and zinc selenide (ZnSe). .

26 October 2015
Manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd offers serial production of spherical lenses from glass and crystals using CNC machines Optotech. Lenses diameter - (2 - 30) mm. Productivity (500 - 2000) pieces in a month. The processed materials: glass, fused silica, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, silicon, Ge, CaF2, BaF2 and MgF2 .

01 October 2015
The two-sided optical polishing technology of optical windows is debugged. The achieved specification of the polished windows (plates): wedge (1 - 5) arc second, surface quality S/D (40-20) - (60-40). Processed materials: ZnSe, Sapphire, ZnS, Si, Ge, CaF2, BaF2), fused silica and glass BK7. Maximum available window size - 150 mm. .

09 September 2015
Production company Crystaltechno Ltd. efficiently took part in the exhibition COIE - 2015, Shenzhen, China. The great interest was aroused by the optical components from grown in-house Laser Grade CVD-ZnSe, Multispectral and FLIR Grade CVD-ZnS and Sapphire plates with any orientation. .

15 May 2015
The optical polishing technology of large size spherical mirror substrate is debugged. Mirror diameter 640 mm, radius of curvature 36005 mm. The achieved specification of the polished mirror substrate is the following: surface curvature - Lambda/2 at 633 nm per diameter 640 mm, irregularity - Lambda/10 at 633 nm per diameter 130 mm, surface quality S/D 80-50.

05 April 2015
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers a small-scale production of the high-precision lenses with spherical and aspheric components for visible and IR spectral range.

26 Mach 2015
Manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd. successfully took part in the exhibition PHOTONICS - 2015, Moscow. The great interest was aroused by the optical components from grown in-house crystals CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS, sapphire and silicon.

18 February 2015
Grown in-house sapphire, CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS and silicon polished domes (hemisphere and hyper hemisphere) all this you will find at our booth 3D20 at the exhibition PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS and OPTICS - 2015, Moscow. Besides sapphire plates 350x350x30mm and silicon boules will be presented.

28 October 2014
Manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd. would like to invite you to visit Booth D4, Pavilion 55 at the exhibition OPTICS EXPO 2014 THE 10TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR OPTICAL DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES, 11 - 14 November 2014, Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy, Moscow.

15 July 2014
Manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd produces polished hemispheres and hyper hemispheres (domes) with a diameter up to 250 mm from sapphire, silicon Si, zinc sulfide (CVD-ZnS) and zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe), as well as polished optical components of complex geometric shape from sapphire, (CVD-ZnSe) and (CVD-ZnS) using CNC machine. The manufacture technology of large-size optical products with a diameter up to 700 mm is mastered.

26 June 2014
Crystaltechno Ltd. participated in the international exhibition METALLOOBRABOTKA - 2014, Moscow, diamond tools (of own production) for metal processing were exhibited, as well as OPHIR PHOTONICS GROUP products: instruments for the laser characteristics measurements, CVD-ZnSe (zinc selenide) optics for high power CO2 lasers and fused silica optics for fiber lasers.

28 May 2014
Production company Crystaltechno Ltd. successfully took part in the exhibition OPTATEC - 2014, Germany. The great interest was aroused by the optical components from grown in-house crystals CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS and sapphire.

15 April 2014
We'd like to invite you to visit our booth B 54 (Hall 3) at the exhibition OPTATEC - 2014, Frankfurt / Main, Germany. You will see our optical products grown and manufactured in-house: sapphire plates 350x350x30mm, CVD-ZnS polished domes, IR crystals: CVD-Zinc Sulphide, CVD-Zinc Selenide, Sapphire, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, KRS-5 and optical components made from these crystals: plates, windows, domes, lenses, prisms, wedges and blanks.

15 March 2014
We'd like to invite you to visit our booth # 72B25 at the exhibition PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS and OPTICS-2014, Moscow. You will see our grown IR crystals CVD-ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), CVD-ZnS (Zinc Sulphide), Sapphire, CaF2, BaF2, KRS-5 and optical components - windows, plates, domes, prisms, lenses, blanks and wedges.

15 February 2014
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers optical Si-CZ (silicon) material with boules size up to (dia.250x1000)mm, spectral transmittance of grown Si-Cz material. We offer the Si-Cz optics manufacturing of protection windows, blanks, domes and lenses according to customer’s specification.

25 November 2013
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd. invites to visit booth # 2109 at the exhibition SPIE Photonics West 2014 (USA, San Francisco), where we will present our products: grown crystals and visible - IR optics from zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe), zinc sulfide (CVD-ZnS), sapphire, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, KRS-5 and also from fused silica and different types of glass.

20 November 2013
Crystaltechno Ltd. participated in the Exhibition - Optics Expo 2013 in Moscow. Traditionally, the visitor's interest was attracted by large-sized optical components with composite geometry from zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe) and sapphire with antireflection coatings. The most attention was caused by zinc sulfide CVD-ZnS domes, the growth of which has been recently mastered by our company. All products presented at our stand (crystals and optics) were grown and processed at own manufacturing facilities.

03 October 2013
Manufacturing company Crystaltechno would like to invite you to visit booth # B11 at the exhibition "OPTICS EXPO 2013 THE 9TH INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR OPTICAL DEVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES", Moscow. You will see our grown IR crystals (CVD-ZnSe) Zinc Selenide, (CVD-ZnS) Zinc Sulphide, Sapphire, CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2, MgF2 and KRS-5 and optical components - plates, windows, domes, prisms, lenses, wedges and blanks.

12 July 2013
Crystaltechno Ltd has started to produce Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) optical components (plates and domes) from own-grown CVD ZnS FLIR grade material (FLIR - Forward Looking Infra Red). The maximum dia of Zinc Sulfide optics is up to 200 mm.

30 May 2013
The manufacturing company Crystaltechno Ltd. took part in regular international optical trade fair "Laser World of Photonics 2013" in Munich. Our booth attracted great interest of visitors and exhibitors. The large-sized optical crystals CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS, Sapphire and KRS-5 grown at our shops were very popular. The greatest interest was aroused by finished optical elements: domes, hyper hemispheres and large-sized protective windows from CVD-ZnSe, CVD-ZnS and monocrystal sapphire.

15 April 2013
Crystaltechno Ltd. took part in the exhibition "Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics – 2013" in Moscow. The most interest was aroused by large – sized and complex profile optics from sapphire (domes and hyper hemispheres, protective windows – illuminators), the large – sized optics from ZnSe with AR coatings, aspherical lenses from infrared crystals and optics from CVD – ZnS polycrystalline material grown at our shops.

15 March 2013
Crystaltechno Ltd offers production of precise optomechanical assemblies and details for optical systems (the adjustment components, optical mounts, optical stages, composite shape optical housings with matte black coatings and so on) from metals and their alloys according to customer's specification. Different coatings on metal details are available.

28 February 2013
Crystaltechno Ltd celebrates the 20th anniversary of its professional activity this year. Many technologies of optical crystals growing and handling, and also high quality optics manufacturing were debugged from zero level during this time for such optical crystals as ZnSe (zinc selenide), Sapphire, ZnS (zinc sulphide), KRS-5, CaF2 and BaF2. Besides, our company makes UV, visible and infrared optics from crystals of silicon, germanium, MgF2, LiF, and from fused silica and glass too. At present, more than 300 high-qualified specialists work at seven manufacturing shops of company. As result Crystaltechno Ltd. became one of influential private optics manufacturing company in Russia.

31 December 2012
We′d like to invite you to visit our booth # 72B40 at the exhibition PHOTONICS. WORLD OF LASERS and OPTICS – 2013, Moscow. You′ll see our grown IR crystals Zinc Selenide (CVD-ZnSe), Zinc Sulphide (CVD-ZnS), Sapphire, CaF2 (Calcium Fluoride), BaF2 and KRS-5 and optical components - windows, plates, domes, prisms, lenses blanks and wedges.

23 November 2012
Crystaltechno Ltd. participated in the Exhibition - Optics Expo 2012.
Our last achievements were presented at our booth: the CVD-ZnSe dome blank with diameter of 300mm, grown and processed at own capacities; the large-sized sapphire protective windows of composite geometrical shape profile and the polished sapphire hyper hemisphere (dome) with AR coating.

30 October 2012
The two-sided optical polishing technology of CVD-ZnSe (zinc selenide) optical components is debugged. The achieved specification of the polished ZnSe plate (window) in diameter 25 mm is the following: Wedge less 1 arc second; Surface Curvature less Lambda/2 at 633nm; Surface Quality S/D 40-20.

15 October 2012
There is the party of high resistivity silicon Si at our stock. Monocrystal silicon with specific resistance of (2000-20000 Ohm * cm) was produced by a Float-Zone (FZ) process. We offer manufacturing of FZ silicon details according to customer's specification.

30 September 2012
Our company has a good experience in manufacturing of large-sized high-precision optics from Si (silicon) in diameter up to 300 mm with two-sided broadband antireflection coatings (BBAR) at spectral range (3-5) microns, in this case there are high durability antireflection (HD AR) coating of the external surface of silicon optics that is exposed to harsh environments, and at the same time high-efficiency antireflection (HE AR) coating (reflectivity < 0.25%) of the internal surface of silicon optics.

15 August 2012
For the attention of KRS-5 optics customers: Crystaltechno has increased the production facilities on growing KRS-5 crystals with the diameter up to 100 mm.

31 July 2012
There is CVD ZnSe raw material at our stock. We offer manufacturing of CVD ZnSe optics and blanks (thickness up to 5 mm) at the reduced prices.

30 June 2012
The CVD-ZnSe growth technology of large-sized meniscus blanks in the size up to D 200 mm x 20 mm is debugged.
Use of the CVD ZnSe profile growth of blanks allows considerably to reduce a final optical product cost. Manufacturing according to the customer's specification is possible.

31 May 2012
The optical polishing of a leucosapphire (sapphire) dome (hyper hemisphere) in diameter 200 mm height 140 mm is successfully finished in short term at our optical shop. Now we can manufacture domes of any shape and any sizes.

15 May 2012
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers full range of water soluble optics made of KBr, KCl and NaCl including lenses and prisms with standard Surface Figure - 2 lambda at 633 nm and S/D 60-40.

30 April 2012
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers a IR lenses design and manufacturing from Ge (Germanium) , Si (Silicon) and ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) for spectral range (3-5) and (8-12) microns.

15 April 2012
The optical polishing technology of leucosapphire (sapphire) domes in diameter 201 mm is debugged; sapphire domes Surface Quality S/D 80-50 is achieved.

31 March 2012
There is a new batch of ZnSe ATR prisms in size (52 x 20 x 2) mm at our stock.

15 March 2012
Crystaltechno Ltd. offers custom made assemblies, beam expanders and condensers including IR with ZnSe, CaF2 and sapphire optics.

29 February 2012
Broadband antireflection coating technology for CaF2 optics operating at three IR spectral bands is debugged. Transmission (T) of AR/AR CaF2 window is the following: T~95% at 2.097 microns, T~95% at (3.5-3.9) microns and (4.5-5.0) microns.

15 February 2012
Three new crystals growth installations by Stockbarger method for CaF2 (diameters 75 mm, 100 mm and 180 mm) and BaF2 (diameters 56 mm, 75 mm and 100 mm) have been started up at our optical manufacture.

31 January 2012
We offer the polished optics (windows, plates and lenses) made from CaF2 and BaF2 (Calcium Fluoride, Barium Fluoride) at the reduced prices with short lead times. Besides, till March, 1st, 2012 we propose 20% discount for all polished optics from CaF2 and BaF2 at our stock. We wait for your orders!

15 January 2012
There are the following neutral glass types: NG1, NG2, NG3, NG6, NG7, NG8, NG9, NG10, NG11, NG12 and NG13 at our stock, total glass weight - 10 ton. We offer neutral glass optics including the large neutral glass plates in size up to 500 mm x 500 mm x 200 mm.

31 December 2011
Technology of antireflection coating at the range (7 - 14) microns for ZnSe optics is debugged. AR coated Zinc Selenide optics keeps the properties at temperature difference from -60 degrees C to +80 degrees C.

15 December 2011
We offer new batch of Optical Filters Sets from Colored Glass (Color Glass Kits) in the size (40x40) mm and (80x80) mm, in details.
Spectral transmittance charts of color glass samples are presented.

30 November 2011
Company starts new sapphire processing equipment at the machining stock for sapphire dome production. Sapphire dome capacity in 2012 is planned to be 5 domes of the different types monthly.

15 November 2011
We offer a new product - CO2 laser beam expander with ZnSe optics. At present we produce two-lens beam expanders (up to 10) with up to 100 mm clear aperture.

09 November 2011
Our optical products have aroused great interest at the last exhibition "Optics 2011", especially, large-sized optics from leucosapphire with antireflection coating (AR coated sapphire domes, sapphire protective plates (antireflection broadband coated sapphire windows) with composite geometrical shape profile), AR coated optics from ZnSe, including large-sized ZnSe plates and ZnSe domes, and also standard sets of colored glass optical filters.

31 October 2011
The inexpensive plano-convex lenses from ultra-violet calcium fluoride are at our stock. CaF2 UV Grade lenses dia. 35mm (focal length 180mm) and dia. 25mm (focal length 190mm) can be used for excimer laser radiation at 248 nm.

18 October 2011
Technology of high durability antireflection coating at 1.07 microns for Super Clear Fused Silica KC-4B optics is debugged.

30 September 2011
Technology of broadband AR coating for large size leucosapphire plates is debugged.

15 September 2011
Crystaltechno Ltd. has designed and assembled new CNC controlled grinding and polishing facility for sapphire spherical domes and hyperhemispheres manufacturing. Diameters of processed domes are up to 250 mm. To minimize Fresnel losses the inner side of domes is AR coated at customer's request.

15 August 2011
Technology of CVD ZnSe growth and polishing of the large plates is debugged, ZnSe plates size - up to 350x250 mm, thickness up to 25 mm.

31 July 2011
At present time we analyze the growth results of CVD ZnSe profiled 3D-blanks in the shape of cylinder, pyramid, hypersphere and sphere.

15 July 2011
Crystaltechno participated in regular optical exhibition Laser World of Photonics 2011 in Munich. The trade fair shows revival of market of ZnSe (zinc selenide) and sapphire optical crystals. Many optical companies were interested in ZnSe SMTY material and blanks, significant agreements and contracts were signed. Due to limited production of II-IV Infrared and DOW and last Se (selenium) price increase, our ZnSe blanks and sheets have now the best price-quality ratio.
Our ZnSe material is approved by European military organization for use in IR imaging systems. More optics developers and manufacturers became prone to use sapphire optics due to unique properties of the sapphire material in visible and IR range of spectrum.
Sapphire domes, optics and large aperture windows are stable growing market in Europe.

15 June 2011
Manufacturing of the sapphire large-sized windows with a composite shape profile is debugged, sapphire windows sizes 350x350x30 mm.

31 May 2011
Quality of ZnSe lenses surface processing is improved. It has allowed to increase their limiting operational power in 2 laser installations from 1.2 kW to 2 kW.

15 May 2011
Crystaltechno Ltd. started new wire saws to cut ZnSe sheets with blank cross section up to 260x260 mm. This allows to have better pricing for ZnSe blanks and optics.

30 April 2011
The double-band antireflection (AR) coating for lenses from zinc selenide (CVD ZnSe) was developed. Spectral transmission more than 90 % is reached for two ranges (4.0-5.5) microns and (8.0-10.8) microns simultaneously.

15 April 2011
A new technology of dome-generated CVD growth was developed on ZnSe growth facility. For the moment we produce ZnSe domes with dia. 270 mm and up to 15 mm wall thickness.

21 March 2011
As result of last synthesis we have received the large-sized polycrystalline ZnSe CVD growth material (optical quality for IR spectral range) with the thickness ~20 mm. Some local parts of ZnSe ingots have the thickness up to 24 mm and can be used for manufacturing of the small diameter optics. After the cutting and processing of the zinc selenide growth material it is possible to produce the ZnSe blanks of the next sizes: diameter 250 mm x 16-18 mm thickness - 2 pieces and two parallelepipeds (200x300x17-18) mm and (300x170x17-18) mm.

20 December 2010
We've developed a manufacturing technology and a certification of spherical etalon lenses in diameter up to 100 mm with F-number from F/20 to F/3,3 for Zygo interferometers. We offer services in certification of the similar etalon spherical lenses made by other manufacturers, diameter up to 100 mm with F-number from F/20 to F/0,72.

10 October 2010
Our products: CaF2, BaF2, AR coated ZnSe optics (windows, meniscus, plano-convex lenses), sapphire (Al2O3) windows, fused silica (quartz) light guides were demonstrated at the Moscow Exhibition Optics-2010.

21 July 2010
At present time we are glad to inform you, that our daughter company "Elektrosteklo" became the "CVI Melles Griot" Exclusive Representative for the Russian Federation. Now we offer in Russia optical components (cylindrical lenses, etalons, mirrors, multiple element lenses, optical filters, polarizers, prisms, spherical lenses, ultra-fast components, waveplates, windows), measuring devices, lasers, opto-mechanics and so on, please see www.cvimellesgriot.com - products of the World famous company "CVI Melles Griot".

25 June 2010
For the first time our products ZnSe spherical domes and ZnSe large size optics were demonstrated at the exhibition OPTATEC-2010 Frankfurt, Germany, Exhibition Center, 15 - 18 June, 2010.

29 April 2010
Optics for batch production and scientific workings (windows, plates, prisms, mirrors, lenses, meniscus from crystals, fused silica, quartz and glass; laser rods, optical filters from colour glass) has been presented at our stand of Moscow Exhibition Photonics-2010 (19 - 22 April) , please see photos.

25 February 2010
Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures the optical components and checks surfaces irregularity using interferometer Zygo Mark IV and IntelliWave Software, details.

29 October 2009
Moscow Exhibition Optics-2009 (20 - 23 October) has demonstrated the increase of customers interest in optics (lenses, prisms, windows, mirrors) made from ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), optical Sapphire Al2O3, KRS-5, glass, fused silica (quartz) and crystals.

12 July 2009
We celebrate 5th anniversary since Crystaltechno represents in Russia the products of Ophir Optronics Ltd (Israel), which has been integrated with company Spiricon (USA). We offer the products of three departments: Laser Measurement Instruments, Optics for CO2 Lasers, Infrared Optics.

26 June 2009
15-18 June Crystaltechno Ltd. participated in the world's biggest laser/optical exhibition LASER World of PHOTONICS 2009 in Munich, Germany. The most visitors were interested in our growth crystals: ZnSe (Zinc Selenide), KRS-5 (Thallium Bromide-Iodide), Sapphire Al2O3, CaF2 and BaF2, as well as the optical components (windows, lenses, prisms, mirrors, Nd:phosphate laser rods), please see photos

24 April 2009
Moscow Exhibition Photonics-2009 (20 - 23 April) has demonstrated the increase of customers interest in optics (mirrors, lenses, prisms, windows) made from glass, fused silica (quartz) and crystals, as well in Laser measurement instruments produced by Ophir-Spiricon.

15 April 2009
Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures polished domes from glass and crystals.

9 April 2009
Crystaltechno Ltd. manufactures plano-convex cylindrical lenses from glass and crystals, productivity up to 150-200 pieces per month.

20 October 2008
New waves! 630nm(BK7 and Calcite) and 1,07um (BK7, FS and Phosphate-doped laser rods glasses)AR coating is worked out at the coating facility. You can have more than 99% transmission at your fiber laser optics with Damage Threshold 1kWt/cm2.

10 September 2008
We'll be glad to offer you thermocouple boots D5in/8ex/L300-400. Delivery - 1 week

16 July 2008
New: UV Sapphire plates for Diode Lasers!

17 June 2008
New version of Crystaltechno LTD web-site is started. We would be very pleased anybody to direct the notes to webmaster.

02 June 2008
The important contract is signed in order of government companies collaboration. So far at the time Crystaltechno LTD can take part in all state tender competitions at the biggest RF tender site www.TRADE.su

27 March 2008
New technology of optical contact on ZnSe windows is installed. Now it's available to manufacture ZnSe windows with following specification: sides parallelism - less than 1 second, window surface quality - 40-20 S&D, ZnSe window flatness 0.2-0.3 fringes per inch. These polished ZnSe windows are used as spectrometer beamsplitters

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